honk honk

ePod has been studying spanish for a couple years now.  sometimes she speaks to me and i have to translate fast to know what she means.  every wednesday (miercoles) she goes to class and last week she came home with a prezzie for me.  i love prezzies by the way.

this present was made by auntie janet - by hand -  and her niece brought a bunch of little handmade rabbits, along with honk, into spanish class to celebrate easter and people got to pick what they wanted. there weren't enough to go around, but e was lucky enough to get one.  she's very lucky.

when she came home she gave him to me and told me auntie janet named him honk, and that was fine with me.  here's honk and me sitting together.  i put on my orange hat to match.  (i don't think honk is sentient, like i am, but he's pretty cute nonetheless).

my friend annablanca came over to visit me and she really liked honk too.  she just told me about a hungarian folklore hero who also had a goose and sent me these pictures:

and then she said there is also a swedish folklore hero named nils holgersson who flies on his goose.  it's not a dragon, but i guess it's the best he could do...


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