i love game of thrones

i really love to watch game of thrones.  when we watch, i ask everyone else not to talk so i can concentrate.  my epod made me a leather vest like tyrion wears, and my pal kimi gave me a special dragon and a sword made of Valyrian Steel.  it's very sharp, but i know how to handle it. i am a very good swordsbear.  and my crown was a gift from michelle who is now in heaven someplace. my friend fritz took these photos.  that's why they are so clear and sharp and good.  a lot of people love me a lot.  course, i love them too...

here's me straight on
here i am with my dragon.  the dragon's name is dazen.  his head moves back and forth too.  cool.

side view of us.  notice my cool arm band too...

here we are about to fly away

sometimes i just wear one of the pod's dragon necklaces..

or sometimes i wear my own dragon necklace

or sometimes we all wear a dragon belt we have, all together

but however you cut it... we think about dragons a lot around here!


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