i love the fountains of the bellagio

i recently went to las vegas with my pals, the pods.  it was e-pods birthday, so the whole weekend i wore my happy f*g birthday hat for her. that was fun.   here's a little movie of us watching the fountains - be sure to see me, bear, in the middle of the pods.  you can tell it's me because my birthday hat is pointy, like a wizard's hat.

while we were in las vegas we also saw beyoncé.  she is really pretty, and she sang happy birthday to e-pod.  really, yes, she did.  well ok, it was also the birthday of a couple of her dancers, but she sure sang pretty.

my pal kimi took the movie.  good thing she did, because this was one of the best parts of the trip.  another one of my pals, zora, gave me a roll of quarters to play in the slot machines.  but it was really confusing to us because the machines don't take quarters.  the pods told me they used to take quarters, but now everything just takes a ticket, and just gives you a ticket.   we asked the people how we could use quarters and they looked at us weird and said they didn't know.  so the next person we asked we just told him the truth:  "excuse us sir.  we're from another planet.  could you please explain this to us?"  but he couldn't help us either.  so we left the casino.


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