i'm on jury duty

mPod got called to jury duty a couple weeks ago, and because they needed more help... i volunteered too.  i like to have a lot of experiences, so this is actually perfect for me.  the bailiff thought that was a really good idea too that i am on the jury, so he got me a notebook too.  since mPod is alternate #2, that makes me alternate #2.5  (which means two and a half) since we sit together.  here is where we sit:

it's a really big civil case and it's pretty interesting, but sometimes we get snoozy.  since i'm kinda small i can lay down sometimes and no one sees that i'm sleeping, but it's harder for mPod because it wouldn't be good if she fell asleep.  it's an 8 week case, but we can't tell you what's it's about now, because it's a secret.  ask us later.

here are some of the notes i keep in my book  (if you click on this picture you can read it easily too):


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