i love puzzles

my pods are wild about puzzles.  me too.  i always get to put the last piece of every puzzle in.  i kick the piece in with my foot, or i snuzzle it into place with my nose and then i bounce up and down on it with my butt to make sure that it stays in place.  sometimes i just like to sit on top of all the pieces.  

here are a few of my favorite ones that i have helped to finish...  This is a movie of how i put the last piece in and then go into the puzzle:

the puzzle of the pirate bears was one i really got into.  of course!  i got into it SO much, i actually got into the boat:

and of course i also had to put my eye-patch on too, so i'd look like a real pirate.  here i am about to put the last piece of the puzzle in:

here are the Goddesses.  i love them

and the tallest buildings in the world..

and parables.   What's a parable?

i got to sit on the chair of this cafe when we were done:

and i sat on the deck in this place:

this was a really big 3000 piece one:

but this was our biggest one.  5000 pieces !!!

If you want to see more, my pods keep a whole blog site just about our puzzles:


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