My Regular Days

i have a lot of variety in my life, and have a lot of responsibilities too. Mostly i have to watch over things.  i find different places to hang out. Here's one of my most comfortable places - my bearka lounger.

A lot of my days involve a lot of computer work. i have some office chairs i use, but sometimes i can't resist trying out a new perspective...

i just don't live indoors though.   i am a nature lover too.  sometimes i go look through the garden.  there are a lot of Monarch Butterflies who live with us.  Here's one i'm watching build her cocoon..

i have a lot of correspondence i have to keep up with too. Here's one of my penpals from New Zealand, named BearLeigh. He's a code guardian and helps the pods' programmer expert. Oh yeah - check out my office chair too, will ya? My pal Lavanya gave me that for Christmas. It fits really well, and this is the chair i sit in when i have to really concentrate.

Most of the time though, i help the pods watch the charts. i'm in charge of calling out the really good trades for them.  i have a cadre of helpers, as you see. That's two Shivas and a Lakshmi and a Ganesh. We all work together. i'm in my more informal chair in this picture. it's more casual than my Big Office Chair.

Sometimes though we all have to just kick back and put our feet up

Sometimes i pretend that i'm a super GQ bear model and i strike a pose...

But mostly my job is inner contemplation. the pods told me about Baba Muktananda. ePod met him even. He taught her how to meditate, and pod said he always said "Contemplate Yourself.  Worship Yourself. God Dwells Within You As You." i like that. Sometimes i contemplate my self on the inside, and sometimes i contemplate myself on the outside, like this...

My penpal Kate sent me that great picture. She's a good photographer, isn't she?!


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