i Love Holidays

i've never found it hard to make friends here on this planet.  We all kind of analyze someone by how well they respond to me. If they recognize me as a player and a sentient being, it says a lot about them too.  It's always a surprise to us when people come over and don't get me. pods say i'm like a canary in a coal mine in that way, but they won't explain to me what that means.

Anyway, i wanted to show you some of my friends.  This is when we were celebrating Easter. i liked this bunny for awhile, but then it was like 'enough already big guy' and i had to yell to the pods to get me outta there.

We also celebrate Jewish holidays of course too. Hanukkah was great because i got a ton of great presents

You're probably admiring my pink cadillac i bet. Right?  Wanna know where i got it? pods found it for me in a great car shop in Napa, CA. No, not napa car parts. It wasn't a store like that, cuz look at the other stuff they sold. i had to test drive the car to make sure it fit me right. OK, actually i got the cadi for Christmas, if you want to know.  i also have a red truck.

i also got a red truck too.  Curtis taught me that it is a '55 StepSide Chevy.  StepSide means that there was a little step on the side that people could use to get up into the cab.


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