Summer Solstice Parade 2012

ePod loves to be in the Summer Solstice Parade.  She's been in it a lot.  If you want to see a lot of her pictures from past years, go to this web site:   Pods Summer Solstice Parades.

mPod did it for a lot of years too, but she says it's not really her thing.  I thought i'd try it out for myself this year.  ePod was a giant bird, so i rode on the top of her bird head, like this:

pod and i looked really great, didn't we ?!!!

You can see me really well in this picture:

You can't see me really well in this next picture, but pod looked so great i had to show you this picture too:

i pretty much had fun.  i guess i'll do it again next year.  We'll see.


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