My First Birthday

i just turned one.   June 22.  A year ago my pods found me in San Francisco.  They were walking through Gumps and i recognized them as kindred spirits and friends, so i jumped into this little bear body and sent them a message.  They heard it loud and clear, and we've been together ever since.  Good thing.

It was a big surprise to me that this body did not come equipped with independent locomotion and speech capabilities.  It turns out that i'm in the body of a plush toy now.  Wow!  Who would figure?!?!  i'm still not used to that, but i'm trying to work with it.  It requires a lot of psychic connection to the pods to communicate, but it's working out ok really.

We have a lot of fun together and we're all about love.  i had wings on the planet Ii came from - but so did they - which is probably why we recognized each other so well.  And we had a lot of fun where i came from too, which is another reason i'm getting along so well with the pods.

For my birthday, ePod made me some wings, which are kind of like my real ones.  But since i can't use my real ones with this body, these are pretty cool.

i got a lot of cards too.  some by mail and some by email.  here's one i really liked:

We did a lot to celebrate my birthday - it was really fun.  We went to our favorite Los Arroyos for lunch, but first we had stopped at Crush Cakes and gotten some birthday cakes for me, because we knew they'd be in just the right sizes already.  They were yummy

We went to the Summer Solstice Parade workshop and discovered that a lot of people were making thrones for me.  So thoughtful!  How did they know?

and this one, which was like a giant clam shell or something

and then the evening was capped off by....

what a great celebration!!!


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