Let's Eat Out

Let's Eat Out - i love to go out with my pods.  One of my favorite restaurants is Los Arroyos, because i can get my own special little plate.  We all love the Rajas Con Queso the best.  And it's great because now the pods can sit at the big tables marked 'reserved for parties of 3 or more' because i'm with them.

One of my new favorite places is the WineBistro in Montecito.  The table had a lot of stuff on it already so i didn't know where to sit, so mPod asked Jamie our waitperson to help me.  She scooped me up and took me on an adventure.  we went into the back kitchen, just the two of us, and she found me the most perfect cozy and safe and clean place to be imaginable.  And then she even gave me my own flower and doily thing too.  she's my new best friend.  If you go there, make sure to order the ahi sushi bite appetizer.  pod said it was the best thing ever.  i wasn't interested in it, but i did have a bite of the really good chocolate brownie for dessert.  in fact, i had 3 bites. 

One day mPod and i were shopping by ourselves down at Paseo Nuevo and we got really hungry.  It was mid-morning, so we stopped for brekkie.   yum yum yum!  
i love the bearies.... but i can bearly lift the spoon....

Another of my favorite restaurants is Brenda's in San Francisco.  Man!  Look at those biscuits.  We usually don't eat biscuits because of the gluten thing, but we just can't miss these, and it's only maybe once a year or so:


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