My Favorite Song

One of my good friends, Michelle, gave me this special book. It's called the Little Fur Book because it is covered in fur, just like me. Every once in awhile we read through the whole thing together.

There was something about this little book though that really touched all of us. At the end it has a song and the pods started modifying it and now they sing a fresh variety of it to me every night. It always starts:

"Out of the wilderness, out of the wild, you're our favorite little bear child..." and then we go over all the stuff we did in the day and we think of the people we love and then we send blessings to them. We always end with saying good night to god. We have this big ole picture of god in the form of Buddha that is above our bed and so we say goodnight to him in that form, but we always think of him in all the forms of god when we say goodnight. Sometimes we call him godsy-wodsy because my name is bearsy-wearsy, so sometimes god likes a double name like that too.


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