Cowboy bear

When you're in a small form, as i am, you don't always need a horse to be a proper cowboy. There are lots of opportunities that abound. For instance, what about riding a crow?!  This was at the Halloween party that mPod and i went to at M+BroHam's house. i didn't know they'd have the crow ready for me, so it was really lucky that i'd come already wearing my cowboy hat.

My penpal Auntie Kate sent me the cowboy hats - one in red one in black and one in white. Sometimes i know just which color i want to wear, but sometimes it's hard to decide.

Here i am with my pal Quinn in my white hat.  You can see what i mean, right?  About how it's hard to decide sometimes. I know i don't look much like i'm doing cowboy things here in this picture, but sometimes a cowboy just has to hang out looking good.

Quinn came from New Zealand, which is a really far away place.


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