the day i found the pods

kind of the beginning of the story….

many people wonder how i found my way to podloka.  this is how it happened…  i came from another world system which is very different from this one.  my super psychic friend told the pods about my planet.  ….and i landed in the body of a plush toy in the toy section of Gumps in san francisco.  alas, i only realized later that a plush toy can't speak or move without assistance but it was too late to change that.  

here's where we found each other:

one day mindypod wandered into the toy department where i was hanging out and spotted the secret signal that i was transmitting to her.  if i could have jumped up and down to get her attention, i certainly would have, but luckily she recognized me right away and scooped me up.  i was so happy that she spotted me and when she showed me to epod they agreed that i should come home with them.  i moved to santa barbara with them and so began my life as a bear on this planet with the pods….


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